Jr Congregation

Junior Congregation

The curriculum was originally designed by Rabbi Yehuda Tucker along with Cantor Arik Wollheim.  

Jr. Cong.is for children in grades 2 through 4 and is located in the shul's Heyman Chapel between 10:30 am to 11:30 am each Shabbat.

Junior Congregation Siddur and Chumash

There is a specially designed CAS Junior Congregation Siddur (prayer book) and Chumash (torah readings and haftorahs) that will be used each Shabbat.  

CAS Junior Congregation Siddur...

CAS Junior Congregation Chumash (Bereshit)...

CAS Junior Congregation Chumash (Shemot)...

Junior Congregation MP3 Download Page
Cantor Wollheim has recorded on MP3 files all the prayers from the Junior Congregation davening along with all the Torah Reading and Haftorahs so the Junior Congregation kids can play them and learn them for their full participation in this year's Junior Congregation program.

Click here for the Junior Congregation MP3 Download Page...

Guide for Parents

We will be re-instituting the mission of the Jr. Congregation of years past...

Over the past few years, we have noticed that by Bar and Bat Mitzvah age, most children are still not familiar with the order of Shabbat Prayers, as well as, the tune and proper pronunciation. This year we will try to meet those needs. In Junior Congregation, there will be a specially organized Junior Congregation Siddur and Chumash. While we can't do ALL of Tefila, we have selected many Tefilot that the children should be familiar with. We will focus on pronunciation and the tunes. Almost, every child will have a little part of Tefillah to lead EVERY Shabbat. Our goal is that all the children, by the end of the year will become familiar and be able to lead the majority of Shabbat Services.

Junior Congregation Objectives: 

Laining and Haftorah 
1. The child will identify the Trups by the end of the year 
2. The child will gain Laining experience and implement it, through once a week guidance in Junior Congregation 
3. Each child will apply his/her Trup skills to prepare a portion of any Torah Reading - up to three verses.

Dvar Torah
1. Public speaking- Each child will speak at least one time over the course of the year in Junior Congregation. 
2. Each child will be able, through guidance, to give a brief explanation of the upcoming Aliyah in Junior Congregation and possibly in the Main Sanctuary.

Musaf Service
1. Each child will recite certain prayers with the correct tune 
2. Each child will recite selective parts of Prayer with the proper pronunciation.

Biur Tefiilah
Understanding the prayers

Kabalat Shabbat
1. Each child will be able to lead most of the Shabbat Evening Services

The program will run as follows:

Group Tefillah where all children will participate and its entirety will be run by children.  It will include, Shacharit, Reading of the Torah, Haftorah and Musaf services.

Snack and Parsha games will follow.

Special Occasions: We will have many very special Junior Congregations activities this coming year... look out for the fliers and on our calendar.  We are so excited that we will be hosting another  Jr. Cong. Mini Shabbaton this coming year! 

How can you help? 
We do need your help for this program to succeed.  

A. Please make sure we have your child's Hebrew and English birth date. 
B. Please make sure that we have your email address to update you. 
C. Please notify us a few weeks in advance on a Shabbat that your child won't be at CAS for Shabbat.

Looking forward in forming this wonderful partnership!

Please contact us anytime, we welcome your comments and assistance.