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It is the mission of Congregation Agudath Sholom Youth Department to provide innovative religious and recreational activities for infants through senior teens, which infuse core Torah values and a general menschlichkeit into the daily lives of our youth.


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A Pesach Story

                                                                        By Nesanel Safran

On Passover, Jews all over the world eat a special flatbread called matzah. The only difference between it and regular bread is that matzah is baked before it has a chance to puff up and rise. But bread isn't the only thing that can get puffy. People also sometimes puff themselves up by bragging and acting conceited. One of the big lessons of Passover is to un-puff ourselves and learn to be down to earth like the humble, holy matzah.

In our story a kid learns the lesson of the matzah.

One of the highlights of Passover vacation was the annual spring science fair. Kids came together in a big auditorium from schools over the state to display their award-winning projects and compete for the grand prize of a free trip to Israel. Though he hadn't won the grand prize, Alex Frankel was feeling pretty proud of himself, as one of judges had just told him he had won an honorable mention -- and 50 dollars cash for his project on plant photosynthesis.

As Alex waited for his prize, he decided to go take a look at some of the other displays. He noticed that the kid in the booth next to him had done a project about how bread and cake rises and how unleavened matzah stayed matzah. "Hey, that's kind of neat," he said to the boy whose nametag had 'Josh' written on it. "Looks like you really worked hard, Josh. Too bad not everyone could win a prize like I did, isn't it?

Josh smiled uncomfortably and nodded. Alex hoped he hadn't hurt the kid's feelings, but still he had earned the right to brag a bit, hadn't he? Head held high, Alex looked down from the top of his nose at the kid's project, and shook his head. "Don't mind me saying so Josh, but if you want to win a prize next year -- like I did -- you have to make things look a little more, um… professional."

Alex continued to give Josh a whole list of tips and pointers, while Josh listened carefully, nodding his head, and saying "good idea" every one in a while.

All of the sudden there was a big commotion. Alex turned around to see the whole panel of judges with big smiles on their faces, together with what looked like news reporters with big cameras wearing headphones, rushing his way.

They must be coming to give me my prize, he thought.

"Great talking to you Josh, better luck next time," Alex said hurriedly, as he tucked in his shirt and walked toward the delegation to accept his prize.

As the reporter got closer, Alex flashed his best prizewinner's smile and held out his hand. But instead of taking it, the man pushed him aside. "Sorry kid, no time for autographs. I've got a job to do." Alex didn't get it. He turned on his heels and followed them, but didn't have to go far because the entire delegation stopped at the booth next to his, right in front of Josh! Flashbulbs started popping, and the head judge shook Josh's hand with a big smile and ceremoniously presented him with a free round-trip ticket to Israel.

Alex couldn't believe it. Josh had won the Grand Prize! And even more unbelievable was the whole time he had been bragging about his own little prize, Josh knew he was the grand prizewinner and still just humbly stood there without saying a thing!

After the excitement died down and everyone was packing up, Alex went back over to Josh and shook his hand. "I guess you think I'm pretty foolish, huh, bragging like I did, when you were the real winner?"

Josh just smiled sincerely and said, "Everyone here is a winner, prize or no prize," and offered Alex to take home one of the matzah snacks he had brought along.

Alex gratefully accepted and hoped that by eating the matzah this Passover he'd learn to be a bit more like it.

Pesach Projects

Pesach Quiz!
Email ydratch@gmail.com your answers! If you get 8/10 right you get a prize!

1. What hebrew month do we celebrate Pesach?
a. Tishrei
b. Nissan
c. Tevet
d. Shevat

2. What does Pesach mean?
a. Food
b. Plate
c. Passover
d. Love

3. How many cups of wine or grape juice do we drink?
a. 4
b. 7
c. 2
d. 1

4. What food on the seder plate represents the bitterness the Jews felt in Egypt?
a. Charoset
b. Zeroa
c. Beitzah
d. Maror
5. How many plagues were there?
a. 2
b. 10
c. 15
d. 7 

6. What was the ninth plague?
a. Frogs
b. Locusts
c. Wild animals
d. Darkness

7. What did the Jewish people have to do to protect themselves from Makat Bechorot?
a. Eat matzah
b. Hide in their basement
c. Paint their doorposts with blood
d. None of the above

8. What sea does Hashem split?
a. Mediterranean Sea
b. Dead Sea
c. Black Sea
d. Yam Suf

9. What is the last part of the seder called?
a. Kadesh
b. Maggid
c. Korech
d. Nirtzah

10. How many parts of the seder are there?
a. 12
b. 14
c. 33
d. 7

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