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It is the mission of Congregation Agudath Sholom Youth Department to provide innovative religious and recreational activities for infants through senior teens, which infuse core Torah values and a general menschlichkeit into the daily lives of our youth.

       Lech Lecha
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Parsha Story by Nesanel Safran
It's hard to go against the crowd. But what can we do when we know that it's the right thing to do? In our Torah portion, we learn about Abraham. The world in Abraham's time was worshipping meaningless idols and had forgotten that God existed. But Abraham knew better. Instead of just going along with everybody else, he stood up for what was true, and tried to teach the world to see it too. He took a big risk, but by telling the truth he helped bring God back into people's lives and went down in history as the father of the Jewish people.

In our story, a girl stands up for the truth even though it's hard.

Esther was frantically taking notes as Mrs. Hillman, the biology teacher, lectured on and on.

New to the school, Esther was really trying hard to make a good impression and do well in her classes, especially in biology, where Mrs. Hillman was known to be an excellent, if a very strict teacher.

"Okay class, please pay attention," Mrs. Hillman announced. "We will now look at a slide of an actual amoeba, the tiny one-celled creature that we have been learning about today. I would like each of you, row by row, to step up to the large microscope and view the amoeba."

One by one the students nervously approached the powerful microscope and peered into its eyepiece. Some of the shorter kids had to stand on their toes.

"The amoeba is the round, hair-like circle in the middle of the slide," said the teacher. "Do you see it?" she urged, as the first student looked into the lens. "Yes, ma'am," said the girl, and hurried back to her seat.

This scene repeated itself time after time as the class took turns eyeing the amoeba.

Finally, it was Esther's turn. Since she sat in the back row, she was practically the last one in line. She gingerly made her way to the intimidating looking piece of equipment as the even more intimidating teacher stood by her side.

Esther placed her eye on the eyepiece and squinted this way and that. But she was amazed to see ... absolutely nothing! It looked to her like an entirely blank slide, a white background with nothing on it.

"Well, do you see it?" repeated the teacher with a trace of impatience in her voice.

Esther lifted her head and said nothing. "What do I do?" she thought. "Everyone else saw it. If I admit that I didn't, everybody will think I'm dumb or something."

She was about to nod her head "yes" and walk back to her seat. Then she thought again, "But I didn't see any amoeba. The truth is the truth and I'm not going to just pretend no matter what anybody thinks."

Esther smiled sweetly at the teacher who was glaring in her direction. "So tell us, Esther, did you also see the amoeba or didn't you?"

Esther swallowed hard and said, "I'm sorry ma'am, but I didn't see an amoeba or anything else on the slide."

The teacher's face turned red as the class tried to stifle their giggles.

"Let me see that slide," said Mrs. Hillman, barely holding back her exasperation. She put her eye to the microscope and frantically turned all the different adjustments.

Finally she reached into the slide holder, pulled out the slide and gasped. "A blank slide," she muttered, but quickly regained her composure.

Smiling at Esther, she announced in a loud voice, "Young lady, I owe you an apology. There was indeed no amoeba to be seen. We must have accidentally put in the wrong slide."

Looking out at the class, Mrs. Hillman shook her head and said, almost to herself, "I'm glad to see that we have at least one student in this class with integrity. What did all the rest of you see?"

Esther made her way back to her seat. She felt a bit embarrassed by the whole scene but very glad that she had told the truth.

As she sat down, Judy, one of the top students in the class patted her on the back. With a wink she whispered. "I didn't see an amoeba either, and neither did anybody else. But you were the only one brave enough to take a stand and tell it like it is."

Esther smiled and felt that by telling the truth about a little amoeba she had made a step in the right direction.


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If there is over a 50% chance of rain we will have to cancel groups. In order to keep everyone safe, we will need you to abide by the

following protocols:


1.  There must be social distancing at all times

2.  Only one parent per family can attend.

3.  One parent must be present with their child at all times.

4.  Children aged 2 are strongly encouraged to wear a mask. 

5.  All children 3 years of age and over MUST wear a mask while on the premises of the shul program.

6.  All adults MUST wear a mask while on the premises of the shul program.

7.  Please bring your own blanket to sit on.

8.  We ask that when your group is over, you promptly leave with your children. 


If you can agree to follow all these guidelines we are so excited for you to join us and

recreate a fun and meaningful Shabbat experience for your kids!  However, safety is of

upmost importance and if rules are not being upheld and safety becomes a concern

because of certain behaviors, one’s ability to participate in groups will have to be

reconsidered and re-evaluated. We are looking forward to seeing you on shabbat!

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