Weekly Youth Blast

May 20, 2017


It is the mission of Congregation Agudath Sholom Youth Department to provide innovative religious and recreational activities for babies through senior teens, which infuse core Torah values and a general menschlichkeit into the daily lives of our youth.


Five of you will pursue a hundred, and a hundred of you will pursue ten thousand. (Lev. 26:8)

The Parshah begins with the blessings that await the Jewish people if they keep their covenant with God: five Jews will pursue a hundred enemies, and a hundred Jews will pursue 10,000. Rashi asks: if five Jews can pursue a hundred enemies, a ratio of 1:20, then shouldn't one hundred Jews pursue 2,000, not 10,000?

It is said that if one person can lift 50 pounds, two people together can lift three times that amount: 150 pounds. As the verse states, "Two are better than one." Two people together can accomplish a lot more than just two individuals. When more people are united in serving God their actions are more effective. Each individual in the group reaches a far higher level than he would have had he acted alone, no matter how hard he has worked. The Chofetz Chaim points out that we see this in bircat hamazon. When three people recite Grace after Meals together, they say "let us bless," but when ten people recite it, they say, "let us bless our God" - they reach a higher level.


When a community is actively involved in the pursuit of Torah and Mitzvot one should not separate himself from them since he is thereby preventing them from reaching higher levels and accomplishing greater things. The word "TEAM" stands for: Together, Everyone Accomplishes More!

Age Specific Topic to Discuss at your Shabbat Table:

Grades 4-6

1.  How long were the Jews at Har Sinai in total?

2.   Why do we read two Parshiot this Shabbat

3.   With what famous question does Rashi start off Parshat Behar?*(Double nekudot question!)

Grades 1-3

4. What is a Chok?

5. What are two famous examples of Chukim?*(Double nekudot question!!)

Please come to Rabbi Jeiger and get 2 nekudot (or 4 for the bonus question) if you can tell us about your family discussion of any of these questions or the d’var torah.


May 2017 – Theme of the Month: Eretz Yisrael

May 20-

  • Tot Shabbat/ Mini Minyan – Discussion: Who has been to Yerushalayim and what do they remember most about Israel?  (ongoing for the month)
  • Jr. Cong. – Discussion about 1967 and the importance of Yerushalayim to the Jewish people.
  • BMC meeting with David Giver


May 27-


SHAVUOT – MAY 31- JUNE 1: Many amazing learning opportunities for kids of all ages... Stay tuned for details…

Upcoming Teen Minyan Dates:

  • June 3, 10, 17

If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday or special accomplishment by sponsoring a special "kiddush" or a Mishna and Hot Cocoa in their honor, please email me at rabbijeiger@hotmail.com

If you would like to help support the Youth Department, please visit http://youth.cas-stamford.org/giving for all of our sponsorship opportunities.

Shabbat Shalom!  Rabbi Yehuda Jeiger