CAS Youth Giving Tree
Watch our kids...Join our Giving Tree!
support our programs by choosing a "leaf" off our Giving Tree, dedicate it in honor of one of our leaders

Watch our CAS YOUTH program!

Giving Tree Opportunities
Help the Youth Department (unlimited)  $18, $36, $50, or $180  
Teen Kiddush per week (many available)  $200  
Chesed Days (3 opportunities)
B’not / B'nei Mitzvah Dinner (10 opportunities)
B’nai Mitzvah Luncheon (10 opportunities)
Simchat Torah Program
Shavuot Program
Supermarket Sweep
Awards Seudat Shlishit
Shema Under the Stars Program

Jr. Congregation by month (10 available)
Tot Shabbat (10 available)
Jr. Teen Chat. (10 available)
Bnai Mitzvah Club. (10 available)
Mini Minyan (10 available)

* Sponsor a month.. and have your name on the month!

High Holiday Youth Groups (all groups)
Chanukah Family Event
Purim Ball Family Event

Honor Our Youth Leaders You can designate your gift in honor of:
Tot Shabbat:
Morah Irene Okun – Head Leader
Morah Danielle Tomczyk
Morah Simone Nachman

Mini Minyan:
Morah Debra Berger - Head Leader
Morah Rivka Kanefsky
Morah Talia Shapiro
Jr. Congregation: 
R Yehuda Jeiger – Head Leader
Morah Tamar Cohen
Morah Jennifer Steinmetz

B'nai Mitzvah Club:
Morah Elana Trombka – Head Leader
Moreh Ari Leiberman - Head Leader

we welcome your participation in our Giving Tree!
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