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Early Childhood
  • Future- Tots Located in the Bridal Room on the second floor, this group is a parent led group. Parents of children who are not yet ready to sit in an organized group can join their children for some quality shabbat play time. Parents must supervise their children. 
  • Tot Shabbat Toddlers through 3 year olds are invited to participate in our weekly interactive and educational Shabbat morning groups in the library beginning at 10:30 am concluding with main sanctuary services. For our youngsters this is their first exposure to Synagogue and we go the extra mile to make sure every single tot knows that they are special and that they can make a difference in the world. Groups include circle time with Shabbat and holiday themed activity and song which follow dramatic and organized play. Our room is filled with Shabbat and holiday toys to allow the children to experience each important day in their own age appropriate way. Our teachers are trained professionals – Morah Irene Okun and Morah Danielle Tomczyk, ably assisted by Simone Nachman. 
  • Mini Minyan Pre-K, Kindergarten and first graders are beginning to grow roots in our shul and are learning to become active participants in our world as they understand that their actions can affect change in the world. Mini Minyan begins at 10:30 am in the youth classroom, concluding with the main sanctuary services. Mini Minyan is a progression from Tot Shabbat as it begins with a shorter circle time and moves to more tefillah and Shabbat and holiday themes educational stories. Our Mini Minyan children join us in the main sanctuary each week for Adon Olam! Our teachers are trained professionals – Morah Debbie Berger and Morah Rivka Kanefsky, ably assisted by Talia Shapiro.


  • Junior Congregation Starting at 10:30 am, in the Chapel, Junior Congregation serves boys and girls in grades 2, 3 and 4. In January children in grade1 can “graduate” into this program should they choose. Jr. Cong. begins a more organized and serious tefillah led by our young men and women. Each child is encouraged and guided to learn all of tefillah and to become an active leader as they are comfortable. Additionally, our young men are taught the beginnings of layning and Mizmor Lidavid. Our young ladies are taught the art of writing and delivering a dvar Torah. Led by Rabbi Jeiger, assisted by Jennifer Steinmetz and Tamar Cohen, our Jr. Cong. group will also explore various stories and books discussing the children’s role in tikkun olam and how they can begin to really think about their impact on the world. 
Middle School 
  • B’nai Mitzvah Club Boys and Girls in grades 5 and 6 are invited to join this stimulating and innovative group each Shabbat at 10:30 am to focus on davening, learning, and of course preparing for Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs with a little added tikkun olam twist. The children will also be brought into the Sanctuary for Mussaf with their leaders each week. Led by Ari Lieberman and Elana Trombka and various guest lecturers, our children will not only learn about chesed, but they will each have an opportunity to “chair” a shul chesed project along with the adult chairs. We feel that with this practical, hands-on focus to our Bnai Mitzvah Club, it is the perfect preparation for a child’s special day. 
Teen Program 

  • Teen Minyan Boys and Girls in grades 7-12 are invited to join our weekly 9:30 am teen minyan service. Not only will our teens ALL have a role in this one of a kind minyan, they will be encouraged to enhance our minyan with Devrei Torah and discussion groups centered on our yearlong theme. We will be offering our teens numerous leadership chesed opportunities as they truly can go out into the community and make a real difference each and every day. We look forward to a hot delicious Kiddush each and every time we meet and an equally delicious atmosphere around the Kiddush table. 

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