Sunday Morning Clubs

CAS Youth Department Presents

Sundays - January 8 to February 12
All classes except Yoga 9:30-10:30
Yoga 9:45-10:30

Update - only the Baking Club will be offered

  1. THE BAKING CLUB – with Zimi Sloyer & Rebecca Goldstein - children ages 7-10.
    Each week your child will learn basic baking skills, we will bake delicious treats, and we will have a great time. If you enjoy baking or would like to learn how, this is the class for you. 

  2. THE INDOOR SPORTS CLUB – with Mark Rocklin – children ages 5-8.
    Each week your child will get to play a fun and exciting sport, such as Gaga, wiffle ball, capture the flag, dodge ball, relay races and many others!!! Each week will be fun and exciting and everyone is sure to have a blast! 

  3. THE CULTURAL ART CLUB – with Doris Weiss – children ages 6-8.
    Each week your child will have the opportunity to explore the World of the Cultural Arts and all it has to offer. This program will introduce your children to a variety of different art forms such an art and artists, music and dance, literature, language and poetry and will open new and exciting doors, to a world of creativity, beauty and imagination. 

  4. THE YOGA CLUB – with Nancy Hoffman – children ages 4-6 (parents are welcome to join). 
    Each week your child will have a fun and loving opportunity to discover yoga. Your children will learn fun animal poses, play yoga games and much much more! 

    CAS members - $60 – for the 6 weeks session   Non-Members - $75- for the 6 week session 
Please register online before Jan 1, 2012.  Prepaid Reservations only - no payment accepted at classes.
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